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Marrakech desert tours

Marrakech desert tours

The best desert tours from Marrakech

Morocco is an exotic country located in Northern Africa just a short ferry ride from Southern Spain. Its cultural diversity and richness make it an interesting and exciting place to visit.
The influence of African Mediterranean Christian and Islamic traditions can be seen in the art, music, language, cuisine and architecture of Morocco, Marrakech desert tours.
The people of Morocco are mainly Arabs and Berbers, they speak Arabic as the official language of the country and many also speak Berber languages especially in rural areas. French is spoken by many as a second language and in the cities and tourist areas you will also find English speakers.
Moroccan people are traditionally very friendly and welcoming they are well-known for their warmth hospitality and accommodating natures – it is a traditional part of the Moroccan culture.Moroccan cuisine is famous for its incredible use of spices and sauces mainly influenced by Berber-Moorish European and Mediterranean cuisines. The most popular Moroccan dishes are the delicious Couscous, Pastilla, Tajine, Harira and of course the ever present drink - green tea with mint.
The architecture and variety of arts can be seen everywhere you go in Morocco – from the beautiful carpets on the floors to the colourful fabrics the hand-decorated ceramic ware the detailed metalwork and of course the traditional tile work on every fountain floor and set of stairs.
Anyone with an appreciation of the beauty and skilled work that goes into these fine artisanal wares will be delighted by Morocco.
Marrakech desert tours

The best desert tours from Marrakech

If you are interested in learning more about the cultural history of the country, the many museums will offer you plenty of information and well-presented displays to keep you occupied. Some of the major museums are: The Oudaya Museum in Rabat, the Batha Museum in Fez, the Dar el Jami Museum in Meknes, the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum in Essaouira, and the Dar Si Said Museum in Marrakech.
Festivals are also an integral part of the culture and most of them are sacred to the popular traditions and arts of Morocco. Some of the major festivals that showcase the culture of Morocco include - the Festival of Amazigh Film, the Gnaoua World Music Festival, Festival of Asilah, National Festival of Popular Arts, Fantasias festival, and the World Sacred Music Festival. Music has always been an important part of Moroccan life and these festivals are a great place to be transported to another time and place whilst listening to the stirring rhythms of Andalusian and Berber Music.
Marrakech desert tour would like to welcome you to come and discover the wonderful art, culture, and history of Morocco. A cultural tour of Morocco can take you through many different areas including cities, small towns and desert trips - Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, Volubilis, Kasbahs, Ouarzazate, and Essaouira…and many more. We are a local operator with many years experience, and would be happy to arrange short or long trips, including a variety of city, regional or desert areas as you desire. We cater to groups of any size - small or large, couples or individuals. We can provide tour itineraries, accommodation, guides, and transportation as needed.

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Marrakech Desert Tours is a Moroccan based travel agent and tour operator, founded and managed by a team of travel experts in the desert of morocco. With more than 20 years experience in the organization of Moroccan tours and Marrakech excursions, Marrakech Desert Tours can provide you and your family, friends or clients, with a fascinating and enjoyable experience of Moroccan life and culture. With the hard work taken out of arranging accommodation, tour guides, transportation and itineraries, you can really relax and enjoy what this exotic country has to offer. Marrakech Desert Tours can arrange tours & vacations designed to suit your needs including:

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